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Why "SoHam"?


This Mantra SoHam (or SoHum) stems from Sanskrit and reflects the essence of "I am".

... breathing in: "So"... breathing out: "Ham"...

... breathing in: "I"… breathing out: "am"....

--- einatmen: "Ich"... ausatmen :"bin"...

As Sanskrit is an ancient oral language, translations and interpretations vary. The breathing and meditation practice with SoHam resonated with me, as it has helped me to trust myself and gave me strength to move away from trying to be someone different.  I wish to all beings that they feel safe in knowing, that what they are and who they are is all that they need to be.  SoHam.


I started practicing Yoga on my own in 1994. My first Yoga class was at Jivamukti in Manhattan in 1996 and I developed my practice from then on for 26 years with various different wonderful teachers. While raising three kids and surviving a painful divorce, I achieved my Yoga Teacher certification from Kripalu in 2012, and I quite quickly leaped into opening my own space. Ever since then it has been my goal and desire to offer yoga students what I was offered from my many wonderful teachers. Finding inner strength, inner peace, learning to love ourselves, to trust ourselves... These are just a few powerful results from practicing Yoga. And I feel that everybody deserves to experience this. 

In 2015 I also starting teaching Sociology as a college adjunct Professor, where I "sneak in" aspects of mindfulness while trying to open up the minds and eyes of these young adults to social aspects around them.  I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to work with my passions; Yoga and the academic discipline of studying society and social behavior. 

In 2020, I expanded these passions and completed my first Positive Psychology course with Martin E. Seligman.  In 2021, I completed my Certificate as a Positive Psychology Practitioner at the School of Positive Transformation.

I am excited to now offer my clients this dual approach to achieve a balanced, flourishing, healthy life. Positive Psychology is a wonderful addition to any yoga practice, where we learn to be present and aware of our breath, body and mind. With the scientific approach of Positive Psychology we can expand the benefits of Yoga, as we can use hands-on exercises, conscious interventions and writing assignments, which lead us to an even deeper exploration towards learning what serves us well and how we can live a flourishing life.

Yoga is seeing life the way it is. 

- Swami Kripalu

Don't be pushed by your problems, be led by your dreams - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Positive Psychology - a scientific approach towards well-being and a flourishing life.

There is no way to happiness - happiness is the way.

- Thich Nhat Hanh

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