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- by Neale Donald Walsch

I bought a beautiful hard cover journal after I finished my Yoga Teacher Training at Kripalu in Massachusetts in 2012. In 2014 I opened my own studio and called it "SoHam". I am.

I stepped outside my comfort zone and am still loving every minute of it. This journal now gives me comfort, when I am entering new Yoga-territory.

The Covid-19 Pandemic changed our habits and our options. I started teaching via zoom, online; which I enjoyed more than I thought it would. Well, it showed again, that through challenges we can grow, learn new things and develop.

Today, I am going to teach an in-person class, the third, since the pandemic has softened. I am very nervous. Isn't that strange? So, I am bringing my comfort book, my journal, in which I used to pre-plan my sequences in detail at the beginning of my teaching days. Now, I am doing it again. It is a good feeling, to face new challenges, become more aware of possibilities.

Thank you Robin and Lisa, for giving me this opportunity to go back into a room filled with Yogis.

One of the first quotes entered into that journal:

"It's impossible", said Pride

"It's risky", said Experience

"It's pointless", said Reason

"Give it a try", whispered the Heart

Namaste -


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