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classes & private sessions

Through SoHam Yoga I am offering a safe place for my students and clients to find a path towards their well-being. Passing on the Kripalu philosophy of non-judgement and compassion, I am helping each person to develop their own yoga. This allows them to settle into themselves with inner peace and to find inner strengths by learning that they can trust their intuition. I am striving to help my Yogis find ways to feel content with who they are. After a Yoga class or a guiding session at SoHam I hope that my clients lift off their mats with a smile on their face, feeling in balance and at peace with a higher awareness of their body, mind, breath and soul, with which they can walk confidently through their everyday life.

My Yoga sequences vary from very gentle and slow to deeper and more energetic vinyasa flows. Sequences may include arm balances and inversions as well as suggestions for meditation. I love sharing poetry and quotes and emphasize the connection of breath and movement. I also always encourage stillness at the beginning and at the end of each session. Each student is encouraged to go at a pace and depth that is comfortable to them.


workshops & private sessions

By embracing the Kripalu philosophy of non-judgement, mindfulness and being present, I was lead towards the fascinating scientific approach of Positive Psychology, which provides psychological tools and exercises that lead to our well-being, increase our satisfaction with life and increase our resilience.

For my clients, who are looking for guidance towards a positive change, I provide exercises and writing assignments from the science of Positive Psychology as well as guided Yoga sequences, breathing exercises and, if desired, Mantras for meditation. 

The guidance sessions are adapted to the client's needs.  After exploring the client's needs and desires, a variety of exercises and assignments are offered, from which the client can choose.

The Yoga sequences and breath exercises are adapted to physical and mental state of the client. 

Occasionally, I am offering interactive workshops, introducing this dual approach of Yoga and Positive Psychology to a small group.



IN-PERSON 75 minutes: $25

ZOOM 60 minutes: $15

PRIVATE 60 minutes: $120


1/2 hour free consultation

single 60-minute-meeting:TBD

series of three 60-minute-meetings: TBD

series of five 60-minute-meetings:TBD

2-hour workshop: TBD

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